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Name's Homer Jackson.

I work with Reid at H Division if you need a surgeon- but that's only if you've got coin y'hear?

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FC: Adam Rothenberg

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M!A: Dream: Muse is able to trespass in the dreams and nightmares of others for 48 hours.

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Munday questions!

❤ - Your age?
@ - Your top 3 favorite celebrity crush?
♞ - Five turn ons (sexual or not)?
φ - Five turn offs (sexual or not)?
Ç - Tumblr crushes?
æ - Random fact about the mun?
£ - Random fact about the muse?
¥ - A photo of you?
ƒ - Do people ever mistake you for another age?
ñ - What is your ultimate OTP, broTP and nOTP?
▒ - Do you need certain things to help you sleep (nightlight, fan, stuffed animal or blanket)?
Φ - If you could pick three people on tumblr to meet irl, who would they be?
╕ - Things that annoy you on tumblr?
╣ - Things that annoy you irl?
α - Muse's thoughts on mun?
ß - Mun's thoughts on mun?
Σ - Do people ever mistake you for a celebrity?
π - Relationship status?
σ - Anyone you have a crush on?
Θ - If you could have three wishes, what would they be?
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My RP partner helped me figure out the details of a key point in my OC’s past, and I’m so glad to have found someone to help me explore new ideas with.

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Constantine: Bloom was a menace.

Reid: He was a pacifist.

Constantine: He had ideas, Reid, and people listened. Ideas are far more dangerous than any bomb.


—  Ripper Street Series 1, Episode 6: Tournament of Shadows (via jan49)
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{ I LIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! I survived my first day! Huzzah :D So so tired now though and I can feel a sore throat comin’ on OTL Imma attempt some bits on here, and maybe tackle an assignment too. Drop by the Deadroom if you need me~ }

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Ripper Street 203

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This week I’ve discovered Ripper Street (better late than never I guess). 

It’s such a GREAT. SHOW. 
Feelings, I have them.

(Matthew Macfadyen as Reid, Jerome Flynn as Drake and Adam Rothenberg as Jackson)

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Charlene McKenna’s ALS challenge!

She nominates Lesley Manville, Adam Rothenberg & JEROME!

{ I will die if this happens }

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Some of the Jack The Ripper letters that were received and kept by the London authorities…..freakin’ fascinating!

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                                                    you do not know of the burden

                                                           that lies upon my shoulders;

                                                                       — nor the ᴘᴀɪɴ

                                                                 that i carry in my нєαят.

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The Bizarre Story of Phineas Gage

Phineas Gage is the most famous person to have survived severe damage to the brain. His accident illustrates the first medical knowledge gained on the relationship between personality and brain damage.

A well-liked and successful construction foreman, Phineas Gage was contracted to work for the Rutland & Burlington Railroad in Vermont. In September 1848 while Gage was preparing a railroad bed, an accidental explosion of a charge he had set, blew a 13-pound tamping iron straight through his head.

The tamping iron was 1 1/4 inches in diameter. It went in point first under his left cheek bone and completely out through the top of his head, landing about 25 to 30 yards behind him.

Despite his torn scalp and fractured skull, Gage remained lucid and rational during the ride to the hospital and was even able to speak. Cage not only survived losing a chunk of his brain, he was able to returned home in only 10 weeks. Unfortunately, Gage’s recovery was not a complete success.

The once friendly and well-liked man became mean, impatient, rude, and seemed to have lost any empathy toward others. Those who knew him before the accident said he was “no longer Gage.”

Cage worked in several livery stables for the next ten years until 1859 when his health began to fail. He moved to San Francisco to live with his mother and began to experience the epileptic seizures that would lead to his death in 1860.

His story is still standard content in medical, anatomy, and psychology textbooks. His skull and the tamping iron are currently on display in the Warren Museum Exhibition Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Despite half a bottle of laudanum and a significant amount of whiskey, Catherine had her teeth gritted in pain as the man sewed up her leg. As he spoke she wanted to roll her eyes. She knew it could be a lot worse; she had had a lot worse, but it didn’t mean her leg didn’t hurt. Watching him work on her leg, she took a few more swigs of the whiskey to try and numb the pain a little more. Once he had finished, she leant back on the bed and did her best to relax, trying to ignore the pain searing through her leg. A little reluctantly, not having the energy to stop him, she let him mop her brow. “How am I feeling?” She wanted to laugh at the question. “Apart from my leg? A little drunk.” She raised an eyebrow at his questions. “My name is Lady Catherine Glass, and how my leg go in such a state is of my concern.”

The Captain chuckled, she had most assuredly had too much to drink. It couldn’t have been helped of course, if he had been better equipped that eve maybe the current situation would be different, but it mattered not. His head tilted to one side as he squinted, a hand idly scratching at the nape of his neck. She’d said ‘Lady’.

“Tell me then, if you will, what’s a woman like yourself doin’ in a place like Whitechapel, hm?”

If she was someone of importance then Jackson had to find out and share the matter with Reid, before something even worse happened to her. Perhaps she was running from something. Who was to say. 

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{ Okay Imma actually hit the sack now it’s uh…it’s getting late. again. I’ll be back tomorrow if I can, I know I do have to do a thing and there’s a bunch of stuff I have to get ready for starting college again next week *joy* anyways catch y’all laters <3 Draft updates here~ }

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